Essential Treasure Boxview Rhodia Pad Size Chart

These Rhodia boxes are deceptively simple! Under the cover of these boxes hides matching color notepads of various sizes and two Rhodia pencils. A clever and sturdy box, fun, practical and makes a great gift! Available in original orange and now seven additional colors: taupe, anise green, turquoise, sapphire, purple, raspberry and poppy.

  • Orange Treasure Box includes: one graph N. 8 pad, one graph N. 16 pad, two graph N. 11 pads and two Rhodia pencils
  • Color Treasue Box includes: one lined N. 12 pad, two lined N. 16 pads and two Rhodia pencils
  • Box size: 7" x 9" x 1"
Essential Treasure Box

Turquoise, Ref # 92967

Purple, Ref # 92970

Raspberry, Ref # 92972

Poppy, Ref # 92973

Orange, Ref # 9200

Anis Green, Ref # 92966

Taupe, Ref # 92964

Sapphire, Ref # 92968